Supporting you is at the core of what we do.


your pelvic floor and core for labour and delivery.


and protect your body after the birth of your baby.


your form and function, so that you can safely return to the activities you love.

Our prenatal and postnatal education and exercise courses are designed and delivered by registered physiotherapists who are both experienced and passionate about women’s health.  Our courses are unique in that they combine evidence-based information with individualized exercise prescription.

Every woman is individually assessed by a registered physiotherapist. This assessment provides a personalized, accurate baseline of her pelvic floor, core, and general strength and function, allowing us to customize her program.  Each woman will be provided with the information that she needs to focus on prenatally to be ready, and postnatally to recover and restore.

We also offer prenatal and postnatal assessments that can be booked without registration in our courses, and give women an idea of their current pelvic floor, core, and general strength and function.  This gives women the knowledge of any issues they may need to work on prenatally to prepare for delivery and postnatally to safely return to activity, exercise and sport after the birth of their baby.

For those with extended health care benefits assessments, courses, and screens may be eligible for reimbursement through physiotherapy coverage.