Did you know that what you eat and drink can affect your urge to pee, and add to difficulties with incontinence?  Have you ever had a big cup of coffee and then had to quickly rush to the toilet?  There are certain substances that are known to irritate the bladder muscle and cause it to contract.  I always joke with my patients that “everything good in the world” is a bladder irritant.  Caffeine, alcohol, citrus, and tomatoes are just a few of the many substances that can lead to an increased urgency to void.  Am I saying you need to give up your morning cup of coffee??  Not necessarily!   Just consider that if you are having a huge amount of “ I need to go to the washroom right now” you might try swapping out your second cup for decaf or not pairing it with any freshly squeezed orange juice.  Another trick is to make sure you are getting plenty of water.  Sometimes these small lifestyle changes can lead to huge changes in your bladder health!  

Bladder irritants include:

Acidic Juices and Fruits:
– Lime
– Lemon
– Grapefruit
– Orange
– Pineapple

Spicy Foods:
– Mexican
– Thai
– Indian
– Cajun

Tomato Products:
– Juices
– Sauces
– Fresh and canned tomatoes

Alcohol acts as a diuretic. It creates a large amount of urine quickly, irritates your bladder, and also weakens pelvic muscle tone.

Caffeinated Products:
– Coffee
– Tea
– Colas
– Chocolate

Other Products:
– Sugar
– Honey
– Corn syrup
– Artificial sweeteners
– Carbonated beverages

All of these can be culprits if consumed regularly.