Pelvic health physiotherapy can help with treating urinary incontinence, anal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic, low back and hip pain, by improving core muscle function.

  • Pelvic Health physiotherapists are registered and trained specifically to evaluate and treat both dysfunctions that occur internally and externally in the body. Problems occurring on the “inside” of our pelvis often impact what is happening on the “outside” of the body.
  • Pelvic Health Assessment: A one-hour exam with a registered pelvic health physiotherapist. Our exam is completed in a private room and has two parts: An External exam – assessing how you move and your general strength and an Internal pelvic exam to assess what is happening on the inside of your body.  A vaginal and/or rectal exam helps us assess the strength and function of your pelvic floor,  pelvic organ position and tailbone movement.

For those with extended health care benefits this assessment may be eligible for reimbursement through physiotherapy coverage.