1. Prepare Your Pelvic Floor Workshop

Are you pregnant and want to know more about the pelvic floor and core?  Did you know that pelvic floor exercises can prevent and treat urinary leakage in pregnancy and after baby?  Learn what you need to do to prepare and protect your pelvic floor and perineum during childbirth.

We will cover everything you want to know about:

  • Pelvic floor activation during daily activities
  • Kegel basics
  • Pelvic floor relaxation
  • Pelvic floor Delivery Prep
    • Perineal massage techniques
    • External ball release for the pelvic floor
    • Pushing techniques
2. Labour and Delivery Partner’s Workshop

Did you know that continuous support during labour and delivery has been shown to decrease C-section rates and labouring time?  Did you know that certain childbirth positions can decrease injuries to your perineum and tailbone?  Learn what to do during labour and how your labour support partner can help.  Bring your partner with you to this workshop to practice labour and delivery positions, pain management strategies and other important techniques for childbirth.

This workshop will highlight:

  • What to do in Early Labour
  • How to Manage Active Labour
  • Optimal Labour Positions
  • Optimal Breathing Techniques
  • Tips for Partner / Labour Support Person
    • Massage
    • Most Effective Acupressure Points
  • Optimal Birthing Positions
3. Caring for your body after birth… The first 6 weeks:
*Can be taken as prenatal or postnatal*

This workshop is all about YOU and your early recovery after birth. Returning to your active lifestyle with a baby and what feels like a new body can be daunting. Let us help you set yourself up for success and position yourself to return to your regular activities safely, sooner. We help women incorporate simple techniques and habits to aid in aligning and healing their postpartum bodies during this critical time so that they can feel great, enjoy their babies and return to their regular activities and lifestyles.

We will cover everything you want to know about a wide variety of interesting topics such as:

  • That dreaded first bowel movement after baby.
  • What to do (and what to avoid!) for early pelvic floor recovery.
  • How to support your abdominals… is binding for you?
  • Proper positioning and lifting techniques to prevent common injuries.
  • Effective, comfortable babywearing – and which carriers are best for your pelvic floor and baby.
  • Appropriate activity for those first 6 weeks.