Optimum Perinatal Health now offers remote telehealth appointments for residents of Alberta on a secure encrypted telehealth platform (video conferencing).


These sessions allow us to assess the following:


  • Postures and Implications

  • Movement 

  • Strength and Stability 

  • Bladder, Bowel, and Sexual Health through self reporting


Treatment may include:


  • Posture and Positions for Activities of Daily living (Standing, Sitting, Lifting, Baby Feeding etc)

  • Exercise recommendations 

  • Pelvic floor basics (finding, contracting, and relaxing techniques) taught via verbal direction and self-reporting (no observation of pelvic floor or region- this is reserved for in-clinic visits only)

  • Specific Postures and Positions for managing Pelvic Pain during and after Pregnancy

  • Specific Postures and Positions for managing symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and symptoms such as heaviness or pressure

  • Education on the following:

    • Prenatal Pelvic Floor Preparation for Labour and Delivery including Perineal Massage and Pushing Technique

    • Labour and Delivery Positions

    • Postnatal Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Care

    • Care of scar tissue

Just as you would for an in-clinic visit, you may submit your official receipt to any extended healthcare you might have for physiotherapy, but please check with your individual insurance provider as coverage for telehealth may vary. 

To book your telehealth appointment go to our book an appointment button and select the telehealth option.